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Choosing a new kennel facility for your pet is an important decision. We at Hound Hollow  Farm, LLC understand your concerns when leaving your pet. At Hound Hollow your pet can enjoy a vacation for a day, week, or longer. They will receive a spacious indoor/outdoor kennel run, proper diet, healthy exercise, geared to their level in our fenced play yard, but most importantly, love from caring people, all in a secure surrounding.

Call Missy at 610-683-5015 to schedule your pet’s stay

All dogs must have current licenses. All vaccines must be given at least three weeks prior to boarding with us. We require current distemper combination vaccine as well as current rabies, bordatella and canine influenza vaccines (H3N2 &  or H3N8).



Please enjoy our live kennel cameras.
Cam Link Kennel Cam

Oct 1st, 2016

Rest In Peace

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Robert Brong

Jul 10th, 2017


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June 1, 2017

Canine Influenza vaccines need to be H3N2(if available) and H3N8 with booster

Nobivac Canine Flu Bivalent(combined vaccines, booster required)

For those boarding with us in the coming weeks… PLEASE use extreme caution taking your dog(s) to places where there are other dogs. Canine Influenza Virus is a real threat. It is moving through many states close to us. This virus has already taken dogs lives. Please, read all the articles posted here and Facebook under HOUND HOLLOW BOARDING KENNEL and take all the necessary precautions. We at Hound Hollow are doing our part, please do yours too.

 CIV Report
Merek CIV


Jun 5th, 2017

Sunday April 2, 2017

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Wow, it’s spring and before we know it summer will be here. For those considering a trip away remember to update you dog’s vaccinations. It is very important for the welfare of all the pets staying here with us. Our vaccination page explains our protocol. Should you have any questions, just give us a call.

New Client offer…
$10.00 off a 3 or more day stay on boarding
Regular Client offer…
Refer a friend and receive $10.00 off your pet’s stay, once the pet has stayed with us.

Dog food offers.. $2.00 off 33 lbs bags of Fromm Four Star Salmon ala Veg and Pork and Applesauce while they last.
Now carrying a complete line of all organic dog treats. They smell amazing, a must try for your dog. I also, have free sample packs of several Fromm Four Star diets.


Stay well, until next time….

Apr 2nd, 2017

Friday January 13, 2017

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Cameras are currently up and working.

Jan 13th, 2017

Tuesday January 10, 2017

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Our cameras will be off until further notice to the public. Thank you.

Just received a huge dog food order. We are now carrying the Fromm Classic Adult. It is more reasonably priced then the Gold or Four Star lines.

Give us a call if you need to stock up. Hours during the winter months are by appointment only.

Jan 10th, 2017

Saturday November 26, 2016

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The kennel cams will be off streaming until further notice. My computer in the kennel was hacked badly and I lost all my data. I hope the person that did it gets what comes their way. Instead of putting more money out to try and restore it, I am going to be using another computer. As soon as things are set up, the camera should be back in working order.

Sorry for any inconvenience.



Nov 26th, 2016

November 12, 2016

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Sorry, for the lack of post lately. I’m sick with a really bad cold, preparing the kennel for the winter ahead. The time change has me and the dogs off schedule a tad but we are working that out.

I am taking reservations for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We don’t have a lot of large runs left so if you have a large breed, please give a call.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.


Nov 12th, 2016

October 25, 2016

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Office manager Cinch, is ready to make your holiday reservations. He recommends booking early.

New K9 Granola cookies have arrived…Chunky Cherry and Cranberry Bread. Get them here, they won’t last long.

I’m off… for my walk in the leaves.

Oct 25th, 2016

October 14, 2016

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14690933_1337043603003090_6452470434346330852_n 14724435_1338189779555139_2295413696134744414_n 14691094_1337043499669767_6214842907085601498_n 14716185_1338189806221803_6577204521860688334_n

Friday’s here, yes! Jellybean, has become the focal point in my house. I so enjoy having him board with us. It brings back some sweet memories on our little Izz Bizz. I do miss that lil pig.

The Poodle brigade are here… Amy, Libby and Gia(from left to right) and Roxie the Golden Retriever and Percy the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I’m off to start getting dogs out. Have a great day, enjoy the sunshine!

Until later….

Oct 14th, 2016

October 11, 2016

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cid_x_ma6_1190921319aol 14657269_1172285282814608_8329727203077650255_n 14650720_1172285296147940_7417023012093263022_n (Roxie,  Golden Retreiver)

For all of those who have prepared for Yom Kippur, have a easy fast today and tomorrow.

Fall is in full swing… I can tell by the amount of black walnuts that fall in the play yard. The old trees are over 70 feet tall and when those nuts fall and hit you, they hurt. I picked up 2 full five gallon buckets worth again this morning. It’s dangerous out there to be quite honest. A whisper of wind causes a major downpour of nuts. I have used my best judgement on letting dogs out. I certainly don’t want any dog or myself being hit in the head by a fly by nut. I’ll see how it looks later today.

Please, enjoy the wonderful day we’ve been given. Until next time…..

Oct 11th, 2016

October 3, 2016

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20160915_192302 Oliver dirty 20161003_135838 20160929_163727 Rocco1

The rains are gone and it feels good to go outside and see some blue skies. It was getting pretty gloomy seeing all the rain. I know Becky’s horses certainly are enjoying today’s weather a lot better. Just take a look at Oliver…mud was just everywhere. Buddy, the chestnut pony is the only one who looks clean. Little Rocco aka as Cupcake, the miniature horse was water soaked.

Tomorrow, we welcome back my two favorite Ridgeback kids… Miss Shumba and Tamba. They will be spending the day with us.

If anyone needs any special dog food or treats, please let me know before Wednesday at noon time.

Oct 3rd, 2016

October 1, 2016

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Seasonal treats are in…Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato, Apple & Cranberry, Grain free Wafers baked with Pumpkin or Apples & Oats.



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Oct 1st, 2016

Fall is here..

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It looks like fall has come in with a real bang. For a few days it was beautiful, typical fall weather. Now, nothing but cold, damp and rainy days. This is day 2 of the rain and as dry as things have been I am eager for the rains to go.

Columbus day weekend is fast approaching. Have you made you pet’s reservations for that getaway weekend? On the subject of making your pet’s reservations… have you given thought to Thanksgiving and Christmas? We are filling those dates. Please, remember all dogs must be current on their vaccinations.

We have added to our  Fromm Dog Foods  inventory the most popular Four Star Nutritionals line. Check it out. Remember, we can try and special order any food you might need.

On that note, I wish you all a great day. stay dry! Until next time…..

Sep 30th, 2016

Wednesday July 27, 2016

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The temps have been extremely hot the past couple of days. We had several dogs leave and now I can concentrate on the ones still here. Spending time with each one, inside where it is cool, and with cookies seems to be working best. The bees also seem really bad right now. I’ve been extremely careful with the dogs when walking them.

On a different note… I got a newsletter from my food distributor. Fromm, prices will go up August 1, 2016. I have tried getting the increase prices, but they will not relinquish them until August 1st. I will post the increase as soon as I am given them.

That’s it from here. Stay cool!


Jul 27th, 2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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OK, here we go again.. three people already this morning called to board their dogs and their dogs are not vaccinated for Bordetella and Canine Influenza. I personally WILL NOT take any dogs without the proper vaccinations. I don’t give a hoot what other kennels do. Don’t preach to me. Dogs here are the priority and being irresponsible isn’t my thing. Being proactive, rather then reactive is the right thing. So do YOUR PART AND VACCINATE YOUR DOGS. Our required vaccines are Distemper combination, Rabies, Bordetella and Canine Influenza. If you don’t have these on your pet, call a kennel that doesn’t give a hoot! Off my soap box now.

Jul 20th, 2016

Saturday July 9, 2016

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Morning all. It’s a rainy Saturday so the dogs will all have special in my office time.

This morning we welcomed back Nugget, the poodle mix. What a cutie he is. This photo was taken by his owner at his home. He was all packed, ready for camp.


Right now all the dogs are happy as they have fresh marrow bones. All are being enjoyed. It’s a great way to keep them happy on a rainy day.

Until next time, be well.



Jul 9th, 2016

Friday July 8, 2016

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13516197_1223105887730196_4857824459585464038_n IMG_6485C3 Corgi Mix Molly IMG_1728C2IMG_8469


Happy Friday all.

Today we welcomed back Cooper the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Molly the Corgi mix and one of our older gals Bailey the Siberian Husky. Tomorrow, little Nugget arrives.

The sun was really hot today and the dogs didn’t really want to play outside. The pool was utilized by the ACD gang as they love the water.  Please, remember to keep your dogs safe during these above temperture days. Heat stroke happens quickly in dogs.

I hope you all have a great day.

Until next time…….


Jul 8th, 2016

Friday July 1, 2016

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The holiday weekend is here and I urge you all the please keep your pet’s safe.

We welcomed back some regulars…. Daisy, Percy, Abbey, Gonzo and Oliver and we are glad to have some newcomers as well… Lexie, Miles and Bella. Look for these kids on cam and photos in the days to come.

Please keep safe this weekend. Until next time….


Jul 1st, 2016

Sunday June 26, 2016

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13537662_1222895087751276_1093285685258531725_n 13466447_1222895127751272_3776761035444817705_n

13516197_1223105887730196_4857824459585464038_n 13510899_1223109631063155_8416073668311202833_n 13529218_1223213884386063_2473348568535136242_n 13512069_1223109711063147_6499247013556642756_n

What a busy day, we had here at the kennel yesterday. First we celebrated Cooper’s birthday party. All the dogs had Gingerbread men supplied by Cooper’s owners. I’d say all the dogs totally enjoyed the special treats.

Next we headed to the play yard for some pool time. I think the Cattle Dogs really had fun. They were in and out of the pool for hours.

Summer, is now in full swing. Anyone that needs those last minute reservations, please let me know. Remember dogs must be vaccinated fully to stay with us. Our vaccinated protocol is posted on the side bar.

Stay cool… until next time.



Jun 26th, 2016
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