Wednesday June 24, 2009

Posted By Otter

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Finally it was dry enough to get the dogs out in the exercise yard. There are still some really squishy areas which Lexi just adored and rolled in. I kept the dogs on the long line because it was new to all of them except Eli and Lexi and with it being still soggy, better safe then sorry. I think the gang loved their time out. The stronger dogs will have to wait until Bob gets home. My doctor says I am still healing and my neck shouldn’t be jerked around. It is just easier when the extra hand is there to help out. I am pleased the dogs I had out were all well mannered and listened to my commands.
There are over 80+ slides so take the time and watch the slideshow completely. These pictures are all unedited.

(Dogs in this slide… Hemi, Neva, Dax, Charlie, Lexi, Gracie, Skylar, Bailey, Eli)

Good morning everyone. I really didn’t get to post much yesterday so I’ll try to start today off better. The slideshow is from last evening at lock up time. I don’t think I ever took pictures at that hour and posted them. I try and let the dogs out for one last stretch and potty before lights out. This way I make sure every dog gets some love and a biscuit, before bedtime.
Bailey and Skylar the Siberian Huskies are back, along with Gracie the Beagle. They all arrived yesterday. Today we welcome back Eli the Cocker Spainel, Hammer the Mastiff and Polka Dot the Miniature Dachshund. Breakfast was served to all the dogs, floors swept and mopped. All the dogs seem to be blowing coat right now, fur is everywhere . The outside runs were pressure washed as well. I turned the air conditioner on last night in the kennel because it is suppose to be in the mid 80’s through the weekend. We have a four ton industrial system that runs the kennel building. I want to make sure the dogs are all very comfortable.
I am off to drink a cup of coffee and toss in some laundry. I’ll hopefully post more pictures later today. Have a good one.

Jun 24th, 2009

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  1. Denise & Greg Yerger said,

    I’m just so tickled to be able to come on and see our guys! The kids now ask to see them everyday- they love it as well and think it’s quite funny to be able to see Hemi and Neva on the “internet”..

  2. Otter said,

    Hi Denise, I just came from getting food for Hemi. Whewww I feel better now. I will split their meals if that’s ok with you. I think I have them spoiled just a tad. Hemi waits for me to give him his treats. He bats those eyes at me and I tear off a piece of rabbit treat and give it to him. Neva too but she of course is more lady like about taking her biscuits.
    Thanks again for trusting us with your babies. I’ll take a few pictures later to post for you. It is really hot and feels like rain will be moving in once again. When the sun goes in a little I will let them out to play.

  3. Denise & Greg Yerger said,

    NO worries! Honestly! You can certainly split their meals! Those two guys are spoiled beyond! We feel so good knowing they are in loving hands- it was hard for us to have to kennel them. They sound like they are adjusting well and are well taken care of!

    Thanks so much you guys!

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