Monday March 5, 2012

Posted By Otter


Happy Monday to all. It’s been a busy Monday, to say the least. Our dog food arrived bright and early as it normally does. Once the food was unloaded, I stacked it where I wanted it to be. Anyone who needs Fromm Dog Food, give me a call. We also got in both medium and large Elk Antlers. Now I know a few of you are asking antlers…. they are very durable, the dogs love them, they don’t splinter like a natural bone would and they really have no odor. Trina, my Australian Cattle Dog chews like there is no tomorrow and it takes her a good month before she makes a dent into one of these antlers. These are naturally shed antlers, full of trace mineral from the antler marrow. My dogs all love them. I’ll try and snap a picture to show you what the inside looks like on an old one of Trina’s tomorrow.
I had Spanky out this afternoon when it warmed up. He loves all the new toys, as do all the dogs. I bought new tire tuff tugs, a tuff tire and a few of those giant tennis balls. If anyone has toys their dogs do not like, I am sure the dogs here would love them. Don’t toss them away.
Time to get moving here, be well.


Mar 5th, 2012

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