Thursday April 19, 2012

Posted By Otter

Percy divingIMG_4142 IMG_2965Molly rolling

Hey everyone, finally a somewhat normal day so far.
I had the dogs out this morning and poor Percy the Corgi is suffering from allergies. I spoke with his owners and we are taking appropriate action to make him feel better. If his eyes look watery, it’s his allergies. Molly on the other hand, goes out and runs to the very first place she can drop and roll, she’s amazing. She does the same thing every time she goes out.
I’ve added some new information to our photography page. More updates to that page will be coming soon. I hope you all, check it out.
People say things come in threes so….. this should be the last of the sad news.
We were saddened to hear of yet another loss. Pamela and George Brucker laid to rest yesterday a sweet old dog, Buck. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you both. Buck will be truly missed. His photo is on our Memorial Page

Apr 19th, 2012

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