October 3, 2016

Posted By Otter

20160915_192302 Oliver dirty 20161003_135838 20160929_163727 Rocco1

The rains are gone and it feels good to go outside and see some blue skies. It was getting pretty gloomy seeing all the rain. I know Becky’s horses certainly are enjoying today’s weather a lot better. Just take a look at Oliver…mud was just everywhere. Buddy, the chestnut pony is the only one who looks clean. Little Rocco aka as Cupcake, the miniature horse was water soaked.

Tomorrow, we welcome back my two favorite Ridgeback kids… Miss Shumba and Tamba. They will be spending the day with us.

If anyone needs any special dog food or treats, please let me know before Wednesday at noon time.

Oct 3rd, 2016

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