October 11, 2016

Posted By Otter

cid_x_ma6_1190921319aol 14657269_1172285282814608_8329727203077650255_n 14650720_1172285296147940_7417023012093263022_n (Roxie,  Golden Retreiver)

For all of those who have prepared for Yom Kippur, have a easy fast today and tomorrow.

Fall is in full swing… I can tell by the amount of black walnuts that fall in the play yard. The old trees are over 70 feet tall and when those nuts fall and hit you, they hurt. I picked up 2 full five gallon buckets worth again this morning. It’s dangerous out there to be quite honest. A whisper of wind causes a major downpour of nuts. I have used my best judgement on letting dogs out. I certainly don’t want any dog or myself being hit in the head by a fly by nut. I’ll see how it looks later today.

Please, enjoy the wonderful day we’ve been given. Until next time…..

Oct 11th, 2016

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