Monday June 11, 2018

Posted By Otter

Just a friendly reminder… if you plan on boarding with us your dog(s) will need the following vaccines current orĀ  have current titer levels. Proof(copies) of these vaccination or titer levels is necessary.

Distemper Combination (1 yr or 3 yr)

Rabies(1 yr or 3 yr)

Bordetella(Kennel Cough) there is a 2 week incubation after this vaccine is given

Canine Influenza(K9 Flu) this vaccine needs a booster 3-4 weeks apart, then a 2 week incubation period.

Please, make sure your dog(s) have the vaccinations and the incubation time needed. We take great pride to insure all dogs staying with us are properly vaccinated.

All dogs should be on some parasite control program. We will not accept dogs in the facility with fleas or ticks

All dogs are required by Pennsylvania State to have a valid dog license and Rabies vaccine.

Thank you for your understanding.

We have the right to refuse pets not adhering to our criteria. Aggressive pets towards people or other dogs will be refused as well.


Jun 11th, 2018

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