Thursday July 12, 2018

Posted By Otter

I want to make something perfectly clear to all new clients.  We ask for vet records in advance because many of you do not vaccinate for what we require. I ask that you email, text, bring them over so I can make sure you are able to board with us by following our protocol. Why… because we care about your dog and every other dog staying here with us. Please, don’t play me as a dumb woman, I am far from it. I give everyone that calls the same exact protocol. If you don’t follow it, don’t point the finger at me. This is my business and I have every right to decline those that do not care to follow my rules. Go elsewhere… your bad review will not make one bit of difference to me. People that have been using me for years know the care we give and know the person I am.

Enough said!

Jul 12th, 2018

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