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Communication is very important and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.
If you would like to have more information on our facility, make a reservation, need to set up a view visit,  set up a pet photography session, pick up Fromm Dog Food, please feel free to call, e-mail us, or see us on 


Please understand that our kennel is located here on our own property. We are a family and have schedules aside from the dogs.

I will return telephone calls, text/Facebook messages and e-mails as soon as I am able.

610-683-5015 Kennel

“Paisley”our office managers will be glad to take your call.

Payments accepted by cash or check (at the time of drop off)



Jul 29th, 2010

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  1. Cindy Runyon-Green said,

    Hi Missy and Bob. Everyone is home and settled into their “normal” routine. Fatigue was the word of the day yesterday with the lousy weather and the return from vacation for the dogs and us humans. We had a wonderful week at the beach and it was made all the better by knowing that our crew was safe and being well cared for. I know the boys sometimes give you some challenges, but I heard they are coming around and I’m thankful for that. Our whole family enjoyed your posting of the pictures/blogs of the visiting animals and it was wonderful to be able to check up on everyone while we were away. Thanks again for all you guys do to keep our two and four legged family members happy during what could be a very stressful time. Good luck with the knee thing and if you need some P.T. during your rehab process, don’t forget about Good Shepherd Outpatient Rehab in Kutztown! Cindy and Tom

  2. Anjela said,

    Just checking to make sure Boomer is doing well.

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