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Currently in stock 2018 . Some varieties are available in 3 oz sample size if you would like to try it . Subject to availability from Fromm.

gold-dog-dry-adult gold-dog-dry-puppy gold-dog-dry-large-breed-adult gold-dog-dry-small-breed-adult   

Fromm Gold

 Adult Gold  15 and 33 lb. bags

Puppy Gold 33 lb 

Large Breed Puppy 33 lbs

 Large Breed Adult Gold 33 lbs

Small Breed Adult 5 lb 

Weight Management 33 lbs

Senior 33 lbs

four-star-dog-dry-duck-sweet-potato four-star-dog-dry-salmon-a-la-veg four-star-dog-dry-pork-applesauce four-star-dog-dry-whitefish-potato four-star-dog-dry-chicken-a-la-veg four-star-dog-dry-game-bird-recipe

Fromm Four Star Nutritionals

 Duck & Sweet Potato 15  & 30 lbs 

Salmon Ala Veg 30 lbs

 Pork & Applesauce 30 lbs

 Whitefish & Potato 30 lbs

 Chicken Ala Veg   30 lb bags

 Game Bird Recipe(grain free) out of stock

Fromm Heartland Gold

Prairie Gold  5 lbs(metallic pink and black bag) out of stock


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If you need a special order, we can certainly help you out. The entire Fromm line is available by special order.

Most major brands of dog or cat foods are also available by custom order. Please call for prices.

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We have Organic Earth Animal Treats, Cloud Star and K9 Granola biscuits IN STOCK NOW


Please be advised that our hours are by appointment only. Please call 610-683-5015 if you need to inquire or purchase dog food, thanks.

We have been feeding Fromm Adult Gold and Four Star Salmon ala Veg dry dog food to our personal dogs for the past 12 yrs. Due to some medical issues with my dogs, I researched several natural dog foods. Fromm’s holistic approach to complete and balanced nutrition for dogs and it’s reasonable price made it the perfect choice for us. Fresh  proteins.. duck, chicken, lamb, salmon, pork whole eggs, fruits, vegetables and real Wisconsin cheddar are the first ingredients. They have omitted the grains and gluten’s. Go to Fromm Dog Foods and check the food out for yourself. You’ll be impressed! Since we feel so strongly about their dog food we are pleased, not only to feed it to our own dogs and yours when they board with us, we now carry the line. Try it and I think you’ll be impressed. Get it in your dog’s bowl and see the difference.



Mar 2nd, 2012

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