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*We at Hound Hollow have the right to reject any dog that we feel might bite any human or other animal on the property, or cause damage to our facility. If you have a reservation and your arrives and your dog is aggressive he/she will not be admitted into the kennel. Any deposits are forfeited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring my pet’s personal bedding?
A: For sanitary purposes we ask that you bring only items such as bathroom mat, towels or small baby type blankets. For smaller(under 15 lbs) canines cuddler type beds are allowed. Keep in mind cuddler type beds can not be washed. We can not accept any large beds or bedding that has stuffing in it or anything oversized. We will supply bedding if you do not bring any along. All dogs are provided heavy rubber matting on the inside floors, and bedding if owner’s approve.
Q: Is someone there to take care of the pets in the evenings or weekends and on holidays when you are not open?
A: We live here on the premises. Yes, we leave for a few hours here and there but never for extended periods of time.
Q: Can I bring toys and treats for my pet?
A: Yes, we encourage you to bring toys and treats for your pet. Please use some discretion in selecting toys that your pet will not chew into small pieces.
Q: Do I need to bring my pet’s own food? Water?
A: That is up to you. We provide everything necessary to care for your pets including high-quality balanced dry premium foods(Fromm Adult Gold) all fed in stainless steel food bowls. Water(well water) is provided in 4 quart or larger buckets and is available 24/7. Water is also provided in the play yard. If your dog requires bottled water that you must bring along.
Pre Bagging Your Pet’s Food

Q: Is the kennel area heated and air conditioned? Are there Security cameras?A: Yes, we have a heating system for the winter and air conditioning for the summer along with paddle fans. Your dog(s) will stay very comfortable no matter what the outside temperature or weather is like. In the cold winter months we always close in all dogs during the night so they stay warm and free of drafts. We currently are also using the Eco Quest Fresh Air System. The property has outdoor cameras surrounding the property and surveillance cameras and 8 points around the kennel and in the kennel building itself.
Q: Will my pet come home with fleas?
A: No, we do not send pets home with fleas or ticks. Upon check in, we inspect each pet thoroughly. Any pets found with parasites will NOT be admitted into the kennel. All dogs MUST be on a parasite control program.
Q: My dog may not go potty in his run. Will this be a problem?
A: We check every run before cleaning them several times each day. We make a note of any dogs who are not going potty in the run. After a period of time if we see no evidence of urine or fecal matter, we begin rotating your pet outside to the play yard area three times a day in order for your pet to go potty. During the winter months we always can use our catch pen areas, should there be ice or snow in the exercise yard.
Q: I have two or more dogs. Can they stay together?
A: No, we will gladly put your dogs side by side if possible. There are several reasons why we do not allow this. One as stated above dog’s urine, fecal matter, food intake is watched very closely. If 2 dogs are together this makes that job difficult, also if one dog is ill but acts normal then which dog is ill. Remember this is not home there are stress factors, strange building, people, other dogs. We want your pet’s stay to be as enjoyable as it can be. During play periods your dogs can play together.
Q. Do you have a play exercise yard?
A. Yes, Play periods are in a securely fenced and supervised play area. The rear door of the kennel opens up directly into this fenced area. Your pet can safely explore the nicely manicured, flat exercise yard where they can have fun playing, running, or just sniffing the yard. If a family has more then one dog they can go out together providing they are easy to manage together. Weather providing, this is done on a daily basis. During the winter months we use our best judgement, for your pets safety.
Q: What if there is an emergency medical problem?
A: We have several excellent veterinarians in very close proximity to our facility, along with one emergency facility that is open all night and on holidays. We treat every guest as we would our own pet and will assure them the best attention available.
Q: How do I select a good kennel for my pets?
A: Before boarding your pet, we strongly encourage pet owners to take the time to visit the facility. Get client referrals. Are the kennels and run areas clean? What kind of disinfectant is used to sanitize the pet accommodations? Is the kennel state inspected? Talk to the owners and staff of the kennel. Do they appear to be knowledgeable? Be sure to visit during normal business hours and call for an inspection, they are by appointment only.
Q: What must I bring with me when checking in my pet?
A: (1) The most important item would be proof of current vaccinations from your vet. We do not accept check off type health booklets. If we can not confirm that your pet is current on all vaccinations, we will not allow your pet to enter our boarding facilities.
(2) The next most important item would be your itinerary with phone numbers. We want to be able to reach you should we have a question concerning the care of your pet. We don’t care where in the world you’re going! If you will be near a phone, we want the number! A hotel phone number, cell phone or pager number is fine. As a last resort we will take the number of a family member or friend, but our preference is to be able to reach you directly.
(3) Leash and buckle on collar for dogs – your dog must be on a leash and under your control at all times. Other optional items include: treats, toys, chews, etc… Please do not bring food bowls. Foods must be pre bagged(serving size measured out & dog’s name on each bag)and all canned meat must be in single serving portions sizes. Please label all your pets items(toys, towels, food bags)
Q. What methods of payment do we accept?
A. We accept Cash and Checks(at drop off). Sorry, we do not accept debit/credit card.
Q. Can my dog come to doggie or senior daycare?
A. That all depends. We temperament test all dogs that are interested in being out and playing with dogs of similar age and activity levels. Owners must sign a contract stating all conditions, etc. Seniors must be able to hold their urine & bowels, as they would at home. We assist in getting our elder canines up and out to potty, going for frequent walks and to take part in the activities going on. We do not offer convalescent care on elder canines.
Q. Can someone else pick up my pet(s)?
A. If someone other then the person signing the boarding contract is going to be picking up your pet(s) PLEASE bring with you a photocopy of the person’s PHOTO ID DRIVERS LICENSE that is valid at the time the boarding contract is signed. We will also need the person’s name, address, and telephone number in advance. Please understand we will NOT under any circumstances release YOUR pet to anyone without prior authorization and the proper information as stated above. This is all done to protect YOUR pet(s) is/are going home with the right person.

Q. Do you administer medications, supplements? Please call if your dog requires any special medical treatments.

A. Yes, medications can be given according to your veterinarian. We do not administer any  injectable medications.

 Q. Where can we send our vaccination records. 

A. Your can fax them to 610-683-6351


Day Visit

If you are boarding your pet for the first time and have concerns about how your pet will fare in a new environment, we invite you to schedule your pet for a day visit on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday(pending availability). This will give you an indication ahead of time to how your pet will react upon boarding, and it also gives us the chance to make a firsthand assessment of your pet’s reaction and any special needs.
Day visit price(8:00 AM -4:00 PM) $20.00

 Our policy has always been that all dogs staying with us be on some type of parasite control program. This policy ensures that your dog and the other dogs here don’t go home with parasites. We are in the country atmosphere, with lots of trees and try our best to make sure we go over your dog carefully when they come back in from our exercise yard. Please take the steps necessary to protect your pet today, if you are not already doing so. Thanks.
Products recommended:
Frontline Plus and Advantix
All dogs entering the kennel will be checked before being admitted. Dogs found to have parasites will not be admitted to our kennel.


Kennel License Approved  for 2016/2017

All dogs entering the kennel should have a Pennsylvania State License or a Lifetime License (Tattoo or Micro Chip) . It’s the Law!

Jul 16th, 2008

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  1. tracy riegel said,

    Hi missy,

    you had given us information on where we could get our stray cats taken care of, thank you so much, suzanne is wonderful, our kittens and momma are back home safe and sound and now we dont have to worry about any more unexpected kittens. you, suzanne and the staff at no nonsense neutering are truly wonderful. I dont know what we would have done without all of you.

    thanks a bunch
    the riegel family

  2. Otter said,

    Hi Tracy,
    I am so glad Suzanne at No Nonense Neutering was able to assist you with your felines. They have been a great help to me as well. Hope you are enjoying the nice summer days. Take care.

  3. Kim Cowell said,

    Thank you so much for all of the fun pictures of Riley during her stay with you! My son and I enjoyed seeing her with the other dogs.
    P.S. Also love the pictures of you with your bike. Hope you get it back soon.

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