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We are more than happy to accommodate your reservation request. Please remember that we are holding your reservation request pending your pet’s arrival. Many times customers forget that our facilities are limited and that we become full.
When we reach our total occupancy capacity, we have to refuse reservation requests and turn business away. If you do not cancel your reservations in a timely manner (at least 14 days in advance for normal dates and 25 days in advance for Peek Season/Holidays) we are unable, in most instances, to re-book the space we have held for you. This forces us to lose revenue, and we must then charge the client for his or her reserved space.
Beginning in July 1999, due to an unmanageable increase in “No Shows” and late cancellations, we have been forced to implement the following policy:
Please be aware that we try in all situations to work with our customers whenever possible — on the other hand customers should be aware that we are usually “full” during the summer months at least 3-6 weeks in advance. This means that we are refusing potential customers in order to hold accommodations for your pet(s). If you cancel or come home early and we are forced to have vacant space you should expect to be charged — simply put: “if we loose revenue due to a cancellation it will be charged. Please do not blame the attendant or ask them to “reconsider”, all variations of policy are reviewed by the owner on the next normal business day and if a refund is approved by the management it will be applied to your next stay.
Thank You For Your Understanding —
I Hate To Have To Charge Cancellation Fees — with your assistance in adhering to our policy as stated this will be avoided.
(April 5th thru October 10th, 2018 )
All Reservations Require Payment in Full (Nonrefundable)
If you cancel your reservation or come home early you forfeit your payment!! 

All Reservations Require Payment In Full (Nonrefundable)
If you cancel your reservation or come home early you forfeit your payment!!

I fully understand the above and agree to the terms.

X _______________________________________ Date______________

Reserved Dates for your pet(s)

Arrival Date__________________Departure Date___________________


  • Credit cards are NOT accepted.
  • NO checks under $100 dollars.
  • There is NO refunds for EARLY pickups.
Jun 12th, 2012

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