Dirty Dog Policy

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A dirty dog is a dog that runs through his feces immediately after he defecates, or defecates and urinates in the inside run or on his bedding. When we are aware that a dog is a “dirty dog” we will do our best to keep him/her clean by limiting his/her freedom to the outside run. However, should a dirty dog begin to stink up the kennel we will clean up the dog at the owner’s expense. Also, should a dirty dog soil client provided bedding, we will launder it at the owner’s expense. We make every effort to keep our kennel clean and odor free.

Why may my dog need a shampoo and dry before coming home or when they get home from a boarding stay? Boarded pets do not stay as clean as they do at home for several reasons. Although our staff is vigilant in scooping and cleaning the boarding patios, kennel runs, dogs may soil their feet and coat. Longer coated breeds will become more soiled than shorter coats. If it’s humid outside or rainy, we all know concrete takes a long time to dry in those conditions. Things like this are out of our control. Each and every dog is different, we do our best with every canine guest.

Small dogs up to 20 lbs can be bathed ONLY(air dry) on site, schedule providing time . Additional charges will apply.

Did you know…

Dogs, among many other animals, produce an oil called Sebum from Sebaceous Glands attached to hair / furfollicles. This oil protects the animals skin from cold and dehydration, among other things. It saturates the skin and fur within 48 hours after cleaning (Even using Shampoo designed to stifle ‘Wet Dog’ smell) and will collect bacteria that breaks it down. It typically does not emit a strong odor until it comes in contact with water, which activates it. This “Wet Dog Smell” is more common in hunting and cold-weather breeds, and less common in other breeds.

Aug 22nd, 2013

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