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PLEASE pre bag all dog food WITH THE PER FEEDING AMOUNT OF DOG FOOD in ZIPLOC bags. These individual bags(per feeding) MUST have your pet’s name (written  in magic marker, a label, or written on masking tape) on them. If you pet eats twice daily and the feed amount is the same it is NOT necessary to label them AM/ PM. If you feed different amounts of food you MUST label the bag AM or PM along with your pet’s name, please include the brand name of the food on at least one bag. Please pack one extra day’s feed in case your plans are delayed. We do our best to return all your bags for future use.

Question: Why do I have to pre-bag my dog’s food?
Answer: At the kennel, we try to keep things as normal, as possible, regarding feeding schedules. Today, most kibble are small to medium size, round, square, oblong and are basically a gold to dark brown in color. Some feeds have fancy pieces and colored kibble. Now to the serving size, cup size… who uses a actual measuring cup? You may say you give a scoop. How big is a scoop? Is the scoop a plastic container that your bought something in at the market, a Solo plastic drink cup? So accurate measuring is essential. My food cart has different size stainless steel bowls on it. Bags are lined up in the order the dogs are in the kennel runs. If you bring a marked container with the food or large bag, that means I have to add that to the cart and storage room where space is limited. When I get to a dogs run, I open the bag of food(bags are saved and returned for future use) which has your dog’s name on it and give it to them, once we verify your dogs kennel run sheet. There is no mixing things up because YOU bagged it, YOU measured the correct amount to feed. If warm water is to be added to their food, I have a small thermos I carry on the cart.

Canned meats in single serving cans or packets only– labeled with your pet’s name in magic marker. Prescriptions diets can be in regular sized cans

Raw meats (BARF Diet) must be frozen in single serving Ziploc bags. Keep at least one feeding defrosted, for your pet’s next meal.

Medications- All medications should be labeled with exact dosage. If half or quartered pills are to be given they MUST be cut in advance. We ask that you bring cream cheese, liverwurst, or cheese to wrap the medications in. Eye drops, eye creams, ear creams/drops PLEASE label all with your pet’s name.

Treats- Please label any treats you may put in a ZIPLOC bags with your pet’s name, any treat boxes please also mark your pet’s name on the box. Individual(per day) treat bags are not necessary.

Bedding- Any small blankets, sheets, and bedding MUST be labeled with your pet’s name in magic marker. If the bedding has to be washed we need to know who the bedding belongs to. Bedding washed only if it is soiled and can fit into our washing machine.

Toys- If at all possible label any toys in magic marker with your pet’s name. Plus limit toys to 3 and bones to 2

Vaccination Records – without them your dog can not be  admitted into the kennel

* All the above may be somewhat of an inconvenience but we want to assure your pet gets his items back and is fed the proper amount of food per serving.

NOTICE- It is not our responsibility to obtain your pet’s vaccination records. Please be advised that if we have to call a vet you will be charged a $10.00 service fee for the call and faxes. Thank You

Jun 12th, 2012

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